Attracting Customers In The #1 Challenge Faced By Small Businesses In SA

Here’s How Your Business Can Change That In 2019

Do you have a bullet-proof digital sales and marketing strategy in place to ensure your business will attract customers in 2019?

Hello genius, welcome to Leads And Sales. I know that being an entrepreneur or a startup business is tough here in South Africa. It’s 2019, technology is exponentially pacing to new heights which makes it difficult to innovate, never mind just being able to keep up. Our country lacks proper guidance for small businesses to succeed and even less support when it comes to launching a business or taking the difficult and confusing path of becoming an entrepreneur.

My name is Richard, and it’s my pleasure to have to opportunity to present the following article to you, a fellow startup businessman/women and entrepreneur. In the next couple of minutes, I will give you an overview of the top small business challenges in South Africa and how you can change that in 2019. Enjoy the read!

``...several businesses do not make it through the first two years of existence``

Top Small Business Challenges In South Africa

While small businesses are recognised as key drivers of economic growth and employment in South Africa, the reality is that for every success story there are several businesses that do not make it through the first two years of existence. So what causes these businesses to join the dinosaurs?

According to The Future Of Business Survey, these are the top 5 challenges small businesses face in SA:

  1. Attracting customers
  2. Maintaining profitability
  3. Increasing revenue
  4. Uncertainty over economic conditions
  5. Securing financing for expansion



It’s interesting to see that attracting customers and increasing revenue falls into 1st and 3rd place respectively. Does this mean that these challenges are causing small businesses to fail? Sure, there are multiple other reasons small businesses could fail that are out of one’s control, but isn’t it sad that a great business might perish because of poor marketing and its ability to attract new customers? I may be biased in the following assumption since I am a part of a  Digital Marketing Agency primarily focused on Inbound Marketing Solutions Tailored For Startup Businesses & Entrepreneurs, however, would I be wrong in saying that the building blocks and foundation of any startup business is its ability to acquire and maximise revenue from customers?

Now whether you agree with me, or not, there are ways to address these challenges through innovative, affordable-to-all, and no BS marketing solutions that could assist these businesses to thrive in our economy. After all, SME’s are the engines of economic growth and contribute to more than 60% of new jobs being created in the economy locally and if these businesses aren’t supported, there isn’t just going to be a lack of wealthy business owners. This might just lead to, or has already lead to, a large majority of our potential workforce without a means to food on the table at home.

“When a small business wins, it’s employees win, the economy wins, and the company that helped them win definitely deserves to win too”

Simply Having A Website Won't Cut It In 2019

Think about this… You could own one the most amazing hotels in the world, but if it’s in the middle of the desert with no roads or forms of transport to get there, there's a very good chance that you'd be struggling to fill your rooms

Why Marketing & Sales Should Be One Of Your Top Priorities In 2019

As startup businesses and entrepreneurs, we are defined as people who undertake wealth-creating opportunities and value-adding processes through the development of ideas and services, capable of assembling resources and making things happen.

Think about this… You could own one the most amazing hotels in the world, but if it’s in the middle of the desert with no roads or forms of transport to get there, there’s a very good chance that you’d be struggling to fill your rooms.

The same applies to your business. Yes, you have a unique product that people are going to love, and yes, you have the most amazing service that so many people need. But the truth is, if you don’t show your businesses valuable products and services to the right people or create an easy to navigate route for them to find it, it’s highly unlikely that your business is operating at its full potential.

“According to Inc., the inability to effectively bring a product to market with their sales strategies is the number one reason most startups fail. But the other side of that is, when marketing and sales are well-oiled machines, it’s also the number one reason startups see explosive growth too.”

Take Action With Digital Marketing. How To Be There, Be Relevant, And Be Useful.

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses should be leveraging digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Here are a few ways you can get started:

  1. Get a professional company website
  2. Make sure your business is listed on Google My Business so you can appear in search results
  3. Share your products, services, and news on popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  4. Reach out to your target audience using paid advertising
  5. Generate content that your customers will find useful

If you’re already doing some form of digital marketing, it’s likely that you’ve had had some success or none at all. At Leads And Sales, we understand how difficult it is running a business and that finding the time to integrate digital marketing into your business can be quite a challenge when going at it alone.

That’s why we have developed unique digital marketing solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs so that you can focusing on your business while we focus on attracting customers and maximising revenue potential. Click here to learn more and see how you can reach your full business potential in 2019.


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